banana pancakes with raw chocolate

Need a break from work? As a student I mostly spend the day in my “home-office”. Working at home means usually to have a lot of possibilities to avoid being productive. A way to procrastinate is the desperate “need” of food to ease work, so I give myself some time to cook. Today I treated myself with this absolutely awesome banana pancakes. They are made without grains and without sugar and still so good! If you’re trying to convince somebody that healthy food can be just as yummy you should try out this recipe!

banana pancakes

Ingredients for 6 small pancakes

2 bananas

1 egg

3 tablespoons ground almonds (optional ground hazelnuts)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

optional for the chocolate version: 2 flat tablespoons of cocoa

For the raw chocolate sauce

3 tablespoons water

2 tablespoons raw cocoa

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon ghee (or butter)

If you have a blender put all the ingredients for the pancakes in and blend them until smooth. If not, you can easily mash the bananas on a plate and then incorporate the egg, nuts and cinnamon (and optional the cocoa) until you get a homogen dough. Use a non-stick frying pan for baking the pancakes on medium heat. I usually use a tablespoon of ghee for baking two pancakes next to each other. Be careful with flipping your pancakes over as they are really fragile, the chocolate version of the pancakes might be less fragile.

Once you baked all your pancakes use the pan to melt all the ingredients for the raw chocolate sauce together. When the sauce is hot pour it immediately over your pancakes. If you made the chocolate version try if you would like to have a bit ore sweetener like maple syrup as the cocoa can be bitter. Feel free to use whichever topping you like though I prefer fresh fruits like strawberries and kiwis.

I like to have my breakfast with a tea “without tea”. That means that I squeeze half a lime into a Venti-cup (630 ml), add one tablespoon of honey and a piece of ginger in the size of a walnut and pour boiling water over it. Fresh and energizing, even without the ginger if you don’t like that! Enjoy procrastinating!

DSC_0004 Kopie


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