homemade cardamom granola

This granola is one of the quickest breakfast recipes ever. If you double the recipe you can use granola for like six times if you keep it in a dry box. This granola is only made out of nuts and seeds which means, that there are lots of good fats keeping you from getting hungry again while still being eating really healthy and gluten free.

granola 1


Ingredients for 2 – 3 portions

1 handful cashews (roughly chopped)

1 handful waltnuts (roughly chopped)

1 handful almonds (roughly chopped)

1 handful pumpkin seeds

1 handful sunflower seeds

1 big teaspoon cardamom

1 tablespoon honey

Place all nuts and seeds in a pan and dry roast them for 5 minutes. Makes sure it’s not too hot as nuts tend to burn very quickly. Roasting is not only important to evolve the taste of the nuts but also if you’re tend to react allergic. If I eat walnuts without being roasted or heated in any way my mouth starts to itch. This is not a real problem but at least it really distracts enjoying my food.

After 5 minutes of roasting you should sprinkle the cardamon onto the nuts and stir well.

Not before now you should put one tablespoon honey into the granola and stir very well for another 1 or 2 minutes. The heat will allow the honey to spread all over the nuts and seeds until they start to stick a little together. Then you’re ready to spread the granola on a sheet of baking paper. Once it’s cooled you’re ready to eat it all up 😉


How I combined my granola: Cut 8 fresh strawberries in slices and place them in a bowl. Pour over a tablespoon of maple syrup and 100 ml of milk (almond-milk if you’re eating dairy free). Sprinkle some of your granola and you’re ready to go!

granola 2


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