raw banana energy bites

Probably a lot of you guys know how many energy bites/balls recipes are out there – right: many! Energy bites are really great. If they’re really good, they come only with healthy nuts, no sugar but maybe honey, no fat and a lot of dates. Well, dates. I have to admit that I’ve got some kind of a problem with dates. I quite like them wrapped up in bacon and roasted as a salad topping. But I just don’t like that it all tastes like dates if I used them in a sweet recipe. It reminds me of fruitcake for christmas. So that’s why I just made up my own recipe. I have to admit that I’m really in love with it. It’s really, really soft und almost tastes like raw banana bread dough. I hope you love it just the same way!


Ingredients for 12 energy bites

200 g ground white almonds

1 tablespoon honey

1 ripe banana

3 big teaspoons raw cocoa

3 big tablespoons desiccated coconut

You won’t need a blender for this quite easy recipe. You should start with simply mashing the banana into a middle-sized bowl. As soon as you got some kind of a puree add almonds, honey and the raw cocoa and mix really well. The dough is already done then. The dough might seem a bit too sticky to form balls, but don’t worry! I recommend to wash your hands and leave them wet to roll the bites, then it’s a lot easier. After you shaped about 12 balls you should spread the desiccated coconut on a baking paper or plate. Then roll the bites very gently over the coconut until you can easily grap them without getting sticky hands (see picture above).

I’d say you can keep them in fridge for about 5 days to one week. The bites are perfect if you are craving for something sweet and don’t want to eat unhealthy. They boost your energy though being in an exam or the library for the whole day or so. It will help definitely if you’re a little hungry.

energy bites 1


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