mango, coconut & lime mousse

I have to admit that this was originally meant to be a breakfast and turned out to be dessert. And now I’m so happy about it! This mousse is insanely creamy, rich, sweet, exotic, awesome! And though I know that you think of dairy and sugar if I write creamy, rich and sweet: it’s absolutely healthy! Try this out!

DSC_0002 2

Ingredients for two persons

1 ripe mango

1 can of coconut milk (400ml)

half a lime

needs a blender or food processor

for the topping

a handful of raspberries

a handful of mint

raw cocoa

First of all something really important about the ingredients:

  • Make sure the mango is really ripe because you’ll need the creamy texture and sweetness of the flesh.
  • When you buy the coconut milk make sure that you check the ingredients. There should only be water and coconut milk inside, nothing else! That’s not only healthier but also important for the recipe. Without emulsifiers there will be a solid part of coconut cream on top of the can and the liquid coconut water underneath.
  • Buy a organic lime. You will need lime cests for the recipe, so it’s better to make sure the peel free of fertilizers etc.

Peel the mango and put the flesh around the core into your blender or food processor. Add the cests of half a lime. Make sure to only use the green part of the peel as the white one is bitter. Then squeeze out the juice of your lime and pour it into the blender. Now you wanna open your can of coconut milk. Don’t shake or stir anything when opened. Use spoon to scoop out only the solid part of coconut cream on top of the can and add that to the mango. Then you’re ready to blend/food process your mousse. Let the machine run until it becomes smooth. Pour the mousse into two pretty bowls. If you want you can put it in the fridge or freezer for not too long to cool it down a little, that will make it even more refreshing.

Wash and chop the mint. Dust the mousse with a little bit raw cocoa, put some raspberries on top and sprinkle everything with mint. You’ll love it!

DSC_0008 2


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