refueling green smoothie

This green smoothie is all about refueling after a long night or hard day – in my case it was a long night! A cucumbers freshness wakes up your senses and cools down your mind while there are lots of other goodnesses inside to make you feel comfortable in every way. Wake up!

green smoothie

Ingredients for one person

100 g cucumber

1 banana

100 ml orange juice

1 tablespoon lemon juice

a handful of spinach

ginger (about the size of a walnut)

Roughly cut your banana and cucumber and put it into a blender with the peeled ginger, spinach, orange and lemon juice. Blend it until perfectly smooth and amazingly green. And… enjoy! There’s nothing making you feel better than a green smoothie! Don’t be afraid of the colour!


3 thoughts on “refueling green smoothie

  1. […] 41. Refueling Green Smoothie I love cucumbers in smoothies—there’s something about them that’s so deliciously refreshing and energizing. This green smoothie is the perfect fuel for your body with banana, orange juice, lemon juice, spinach, and ginger for a bright and tangy zing of flavor. […]


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