the fruit debate: how much is too much? – guest post

This guest post is about a subject I was really wondering about. Can eating too much fruit be unhealthy? I found those very helpful blog post from Niika from Clean as a Bean a couple of days ago and I’m happy that she allowed me to repost it. Hope it’s just as helpful for you as for me! Visit her blog which is full of incredible pretty and inspiring photos of her clean & colourful wholebowls.


So in theory, we can all immediately recognise fruit as being super beneficial for our bodies. Loaded with tonnes of fibre, vitamins and minerals which are essential for the maintenance of our health and wellbeing.

Sound familiar? Of course it does!

So whilst all this is well and good, we still need keep this little fact in the back of our minds: Fruit has SUGAR. May sound like a completely obvious statement to most of you, especially to all you health-foodies out there haha. But unfortunately many of us tend to overindulge in fruit, because essentially it’s a food that automatically holds a place in the “healthy” category in our brains (cause hey, it’s fruit were talking about here, and fruit is healthy…. right?). Technically, this is not incorrect. The sugar content in fruit is not equivalent to the refined rubbish we find in sweets and our other typical guilty pleasures. Rather, fruit contains fructose, which is a natural sugar, whilst sucrose/cane/table/beet sugar (which is the main culprit of rapidly spiking our blood sugar levels) is most definitely not haha…

Therefore in general terms, the consumption of fruit is not unhealthy per se, however the overconsumption is not necessarily healthy either (leading to an overproduction of insulin, causing us to gain weight, etc. etc.) On the other end of the spectrum, many of us health-fanatics tend to avoid the consumption of fruit altogether, based on the circulating deception as a ‘health food,’ and the fact that we could probably be eating something else with a lower sugar content, that is still just as yum?

If this kind of thought process resonates with you, don’t worry. I’ve been there too! Whilst it may be hard, we cannot be OVERLY critical when it comes to eating fruit, or even the types of fruit we are consuming on a day-today basis. Okay, maybe if you were looking to shed a couple of kilos, then it would probably be a good idea to cut out the grapes, the peaches, the nanas, the mangoes, and others that are overly fructose-fuelled, for the time being. Although once a day, these babies are totally fine to snack on! If it helps, eating fruits in combination with greens like celery and spinach is always a go-to of mine, because eating these two foods in synchrony helps minimise the immediate effect of fructose uptake. Below is a list of fruits containing the least amount of fructose, and funnily enough, the most health benefits:

– berries

– kiwi

– grapefruit

– lemons

– limes

– rhubarb

– avocado

So what’s the conclusion of the great fruit debate? Much like anything and everything else, fruit is totally fine in moderation. For someone like me who is currently maintaining a healthy weight range, I’d aim for about 2 servings per day, which is what I currently eat, give or take 1-2.  If you’re looking to lose a little weight, limit your intake to one low-fructose serving per day, and your tummy will send a little ‘thanks’ your way 😉

But let’s face it, we could be doing our bodies a whole lot worse with a choc-caramel cronut with a creamy-custard filling…..hahaha!

Stay clean,

Niika x


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