summer honey & walnut oats

Summer brings a beautiful variety of fresh fruits. Us them now because they’re on their best now! Eating seasonal is the best we can do for our environment and for our healthy selves. Luckily there are lots of recipes which go perfectly with changing ingredients. Porridge is one of these dishes. Even better: it’s an easy and quick breakfast for every day and you can use the cooking time for preparing your toppings to get it all done in little time.


Ingredients for one person

2/3 cup of soft oats

1 cup of milk or almond milk

1 big tablespoon of honey

a handful of walnuts

about 6 strawberries

a handful of cherries

Place the oats with the milk and honey in a small pot and stir will. Heat and turn down low as soon as the porridge starts to throw small bubbles. Stir once in a while.

In the meantime place your walnuts in a pan and roast them without burning. This will create the most beautiful taste. If you tend to get a itchy throat after eating walnuts the roasting will probably solve this problem. It works for me.

While your porridge is cooking on low heat and your walnuts are roasting slice your strawberries and pitt the cherries. Then roughly cut the toasted walnuts. Use half of the walnuts and the slices from about 4 strawberries to stir into the porridge. Just try the porridge once in a while to not overcook it. Trust your impression of if its ready or not. It should be done after 10 minutes though.

Place the porridge in a bowl and decorate it with the rest of the strawberries and walnuts and with the cherries. Enjoy your summertime breakfast!


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