various oatmeal crumbles

Nothing like a warm crumble for breakfast! Even better if you’ve got a healthy version! Here you go! Berry & peach crumble or rather apple crumble? Whatever! You’ll find both here! Check it out!


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oriental spiced fried rice & chickpeas

This oriental spiced fried rice with chickpeas is all about bursting with flavours! Its inspired of a israelian dish called Mejadra made from basmati rice and lentils. My recipe comes with healthy brown rice and chickpeas covered in cumin & co and topped with onions. Double it for a main dish, you won’t regret it!DSC_0005

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soft carrot cheesecake

I have to admit that I have never really been a person being a lot into baking and sweet stuff. I even remember myself telling my grandmother to give me a sandwich for easter instead of chocolate. Since I started eating gluten and sugar free something changed. I still prefer salty, spicy dishes but somehow try to convince myself and other people that it is still possible to eat sweet and rich in taste cakes and desserts though staying basically healthy. Baking without gluten and grain, especially without replacements like gluten-free flour, is a real challenge. So quite a lot of attempts I had went wrong. But even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. So did I on monday and proudly present a sweet, soft and healthy carrot cheesecake!


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summer honey & walnut oats

Summer brings a beautiful variety of fresh fruits. Us them now because they’re on their best now! Eating seasonal is the best we can do for our environment and for our healthy selves. Luckily there are lots of recipes which go perfectly with changing ingredients. Porridge is one of these dishes. Even better: it’s an easy and quick breakfast for every day and you can use the cooking time for preparing your toppings to get it all done in little time.


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the fruit debate: how much is too much? – guest post

This guest post is about a subject I was really wondering about. Can eating too much fruit be unhealthy? I found those very helpful blog post from Niika from Clean as a Bean a couple of days ago and I’m happy that she allowed me to repost it. Hope it’s just as helpful for you as for me! Visit her blog which is full of incredible pretty and inspiring photos of her clean & colourful wholebowls.


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