zucchini and sweetpotato fritters

When you try to eat healthy and clean you might get to that point where you would like to eat something really satisfying and you start craving for pasta or pizza. Luckily I haven’t got to that point so far though eating low carb, gluten free and sugar free for more than three months now. It was by chance that this try to combine leftover zucchini and sweetpotato came out so incredible tasty. And though being totally free of so called bad carbs it tastes so rich satisfying your craving while it keeps you feeling perfectly fine.

zucchini and sweetpotato fritters

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rainbow summer salad

this beauty isn’t only pretty but also incredible tasty! There’s nothing better for a refreshing summer salad than mixing up fruits and vegetables. Nuttily flavoured rocket meets slightly bitter radicchio, soft lollo bianco and spinach. If you then add a salty ingredient like feta and drizzle everything with a lemon dressing you’ll be in salad heaven.

rainbow salad 2

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go for chocolate! – banana pancakes

Experimenting in the kitchen either leads to creating new recipes or to improving old ones – sometimes it also ends up in making everything worse, of course! Not so today! I made my gluten and grain free banana pancakes this morning and added cocoa. Result: yummy chocolaty banana pancakes with improved dough consistency! I’ll add an optional version to the original recipe. Give it a try! Get the recipe here!

DSC_0004 Kopie

forest berries & beetroot bowl

This red smoothie bowl is full of taste and goodness! Maybe all of you have heard of iron deficiency before, especially if you’re a vegetarian or vegan eater. Symptoms are headache, fatigue, hair loss or a pale looking skin. Luckily there’s a lot of iron to be found if you eat the right fruits and veggies. Usually these are the red ones: beetroot, strawberries, red currant etc. which all can be found in this yummy breakfast bowl! Check it out!


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